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Regards croisés, I
A conversation between
artist Isabelle Bonzom, art critic Pierre Sterckx and philosopher Baldine Saint Girons

This conversation took place at the Gallery d'Est et d'Ouest, in Paris, the 31st of May 2008, during the solo exhibition
Love Explosion
, recent paintings by Isabelle Bonzom,
May 22-June 21, 2008

Below is an excerpt of a video by Serena Tan where Baldine Saint Girons (seated left), Pierre Sterckx (at the right) and Isabelle Bonzom (standing) talk about the shades of white color in painting. White as a light, as emptiness or as absence of color? In Isabelle Bonzom's painting, white proves itself to be a carnal and fertile color.

Baldine Saint Girons, is a professor of Esthetics and Philosophy at the University of Nanterre, Paris X. An art curator, she is also the author of many books, in particular “Le Paysage et la question du sublime (The Landscape and the Question of the Sublime)” (Editions du Seuil, 2001). She has published "Les Marges de la nuit", 2006, Editions de l'Amateur

Pierre Sterckx is an art critic. He writes in Beaux-Arts Magazine. He is the author of "René Magritte. L'empire des images" (Ed.Assouline,2003). In 1996, he was awarded the Great Prize of the French National Center of Scientific Research for his screenplay of a CD-Rom entitled "Le Mystère Magritte". In 2007, he has published "Holbein, outrages à la représentation" and "Le devenir-cochon de Wim Delvoye", both through the Lettre Volée publishing house. He is the author of "Tintin schizo" (Les Impressions nouvelles) and of "50 Géants de l'art américain" (Beaux Arts Éditions). In 2008, he has published "Gilles Barbier, un abézédaire" (Le Regard) and "Impasses et impostures en art contemporain" (Anabet). In 2009, he has published "Johannes Vermeer, voyages à Deflt" ( Le Puf) and "Les plus beaux textes de l'histoire de l'art"( Beaux Arts Éditions).

Baldine Saint Girons and Pierre Sterckx have written about Isabelle Bonzom's painting. Read them on Articles and Buon fresco

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