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Catalogue "Traverses"

This catalogue presents the painting of Isabelle Bonzom since 2006. It is available on this website.

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Isabelle Bonzom

La Fresque
Art et technique




Isabelle Bonzom, who is also a fresco artist and specialist of that technique, has authored a reference book on buon fresco published in May 2010 by the French publishing house Eyrolles.

Her book, which was awarded a grant from the National Center of the Book (Centre National du Livre), is a study of the history, aesthetics and technique of fresco art.

The preface is written by philosopher Baldine Saint Girons.

Order online the book in French, on the French website of the editor




Review of Isabelle Bonzom's book, “LA FRESQUE, ART ET TECHNIQUE” in the French art magazine, “L’OBJET D’ART”, excerpt:


“With this beautiful book, Isabelle Bonzom, herself a fresco painter as well as an art historian, invites the readers to a stirring journey through time and space. She examines the various technical stages involved in painting a fresco, communicates information and thoughts, and deals with the aesthetical stakes of an art which is often anonymous although it sometimes bears prestigious signatures such as those of Masaccio, Michelangelo and Tiepolo. This is a specialized book, yet clear and accessible. It is written in a poetic style well suited to convey the passion which fuels fresco artists who work with natural materials and in a total symbiosis with the place where they paint. A book magnificently illustrated, “Fresco, art and technique” demonstrates the durability of this total art and its value in contemporary society.”


Joëlle-Elmyre Doussot, in L'Objet d'Art N°462, Nov. 2010

Éditions de l'UNESCO, the UNESCO's publishing house

Isabelle Bonzom’s artwork has been selected by the UNESCO Editions to be featured in their 2008 catalogue of contemporary painting. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) considers art as a source of creativity and ideas that resonates with its educational and ethical mission. UNESCO has therefore publications programs that convey a message of peace, human rights and environmental protection.

Isabelle Bonzom, who shares these convictions, thereby joins a prestigious group of contemporary artists whose work has been selected by UNESCO Editions, including American Wayne Thiebaud, Swiss Melanie Gugelmann and British Howard Hodgkin.

“Arborescence IV” is the first Isabelle Bonzom’s painting to be printed by Editions UNESCO - DEL, the UNESCO's publishing house. It is available as a two-flap postcard in a reproduction and on a paper of high quality.


Click to read this conversation with Pierre Sterckx

Le vif du sujet/The heart of the matter:
Graphic design: Jean-Marie Courreye
Translation: Marie-Christine Bonzom
Bilingual catalogue, 40 pages, 32 reproductions, format 17,7x22,5cm

Catalogue of the solo exhibit "Corps à corps, terre à terre", 2003, at Chateau d'Ardelay, art center of the City of Les Herbiers, in the West of France.
Texts by Baldine Saint Girons, Eurydice Trichon-Milsani, Martine Méheut, Marie-France Braeckman, Isabelle Bonzom and Vincent Cristofoli


In 2000, the French ministries of Justice and Culture joined forces to commission Isabelle Bonzom to do an on-site mural project in the jaihouse of Saint-Malo, western France. A catalogue and a film document this mural experience. Featured in the catalogue is a conversation between Isabelle Bonzom and art critic/psychotherapist Paola Cocchi. Click here to read the French catalogue.

, a French arts and literature review, dedicated several pages of its Spring 2006 issue to Isabelle’s mural art.


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