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The Gallery and Art Institute of LeeSang, based in Seoul (South Korea),
now represents Isabelle Bonzom's painting



An essay about Isabelle Bonzom's painting by art critic and curator, Helen Gramotnev,
published in the Australian cultural site Brushword

Helen Gramotnev notably writes " Isabelle’s ability to remain receptive to her surroundings is what allows her to use painting as a way of activation... Her intelligent, highly intuitive, and multifaceted compositions demand much more than just a glance. And every time a critic writes about Isabelle, their impressions rightly attribute to her depth and maturity of thought, and feeling and breathing life in her work."

Read the full text of Helen Gramotnev's essay about Isabelle Bonzom


A conversation between Françoise Stark-Mornington, psychoanalyst, and Isabelle Bonzom, artist

This dialogue was published in 2016 on the French site dedicated to psychoanalysis and art Le lisible dans l'illisible


25th anniversary of L'Art dans les Chapelles
25 years of creation in contemporary art

Isabelle Bonzom participated in the 25th anniversary of L'Art dans les Chapelles. First presented in June 2016 at the Jean Fournier Gallery in Paris, a show gathering about a hundred works by artists, traveled to the Pontivy's Bains Douches art center, from July 9 to September 18, 2016. It commemorated Isabelle Bonzom's on site exhibition created for the Saint-Trémeur chapel, a pictorial journey in dialogue with the building and its location and with the ring of trees surrounding the chapel. Read more about Isabelle Bonzom's solo show.


Below, paintings by Isabelle Bonzom presented at the anniversary show of L'Art dans les Chapelles:
"Faces, I, II et III" 1991 - ink/canvas - 15,5x12cm each



The Emancipation of Colour
an article by art critic and curator, Gabino Kim, about Isabelle Bonzom's painting



Read the interview of Isabelle Bonzom by journalist Maïa Mazaurette
on the artist's male nudes, published by GQ


Collector - Art Impact

In her book Collector published in Seoul, journalist and curator Eunju Park dedicates a long chapter of her book to the impact of art on life. She bases her analysis on the painting of Isabelle Bonzom in which Eunju Park discerns a vital force and a creative abundance. The author views the singular approach of this artist as embodying the constructive and beneficent power of art on the human being.

Read and watch about Collector's book and the Art Impact

Tribute to art critic Pierre Sterckx

Pierre Sterckx, who died in May 2015, was an art critic, a curator, a lecturer and an art consultant. He worked for French art magazines Beaux-Arts Magazine, Art Press and Art Studio. He was a great supporter of Isabelle Bonzom's painting. They had a long conversation about art, which started the very first day the critic and the artist met, in 2001. This dialogue continued until Pierre Sterckx’ death. Read excerpts of this conversation between the art critic and the artist published in 2016 in Isabelle Bonzom's catalog "The Heart of the Matter". Pierre Sterckx curated three shows in which he presented Isabelle Bonzom's painting, including the Jouvences exhibition where, in addition to Isabelle Bonzom's, he gathered the works of 22 other artists, among them: Tony Cragg, Christopher Wool, Charles Sandison and Eric Fischl.

Read more about the Tribute to Pierre Sterckx

"Isabelle Bonzom paints the savor of things.
She has developed themes as varied as urban forests, meats and nudes.
Yet, the invariant thread in her work is her concern with incarnation.
She paints the fluid evolution of the flesh, the turmoil of bodies and their passages."

Pierre Sterckx


More info about the Traverses show

Isabelle Bonzom - The Savor of Things

A video about Isabelle Bonzom's painting is on Youtube, with quotes by art critics, art historians, philosophers and curators.



an art video by Isabelle Bonzom 

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