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The city painted by Isabelle Bonzom is a zone of exchanges, passages and telescopings.

In a fertile rain, the vegetal invades the space and disturbs the mineral universe of the city. Isabelle Bonzom's attention is drawn to the fluid architecture of the tree, to its flexibility and the radiant nature of its arborescence. This series is part of her research on vibration and intensity, on motion and movement of the paint brush. The vegetal element overruns the image. It blurs the vision through interpenetrations of planes as well as an intertwined network of colored touches and lines.

"With its incandescent colors or the decorative motif of its trunk, the tree causes a surprise, clashes with the urban context, transforms the vision. The foliage or the trunk blurs the representation. The natural shapes and colors are disturbing factors in the city. For me, the tree is not so much the image of a vertical and upward rapport as a physical presence, alive, juicy and fleshy", says Isabelle Bonzom

In addition to her watercolors painted from life, she photographs and films trees. The camera allows her to record the motion of the tree and its most fleeting moments. For Isabelle, the luminous and colorful power of digital images rejoins painting. In the studio, Isabelle Bonzom is continuing this series of paintings, going towards more intensity and complexity in the composition.

Lovers, strollers, runners or busy people melt into the landscape. Men and women stroll or bustle about. They are particles merging into a whole where energies circulate.


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