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"Showers of leaves in various seasonal glory, depths of fronds disappearing into nowhere, tiny joggers barely distinct from tree trunks. A crowd, human foliage floating down subway stairs. A world perpetually gushing, created by some Danaë?

I, a stranger, want to know why she paints those snowflake shaped dabs that make one feel the brush hurrying down, perhaps toward a final dissolution. She does not know, she says after thinking over it.

Just then, I am standing next to a tiny table on which lie several large lumps of stone, one of them halfway off the support. Instinctively, I push it back onto the table.
“No, no,” Isabelle protests in alarm. “ I like things to be about to fall!”

Ha! Here we are! At this exquisite, delicious, frightening point where gravity takes over gravitas. Wasn’t it Montaigne who wrote that where everything falls nothing falls?"

Annette Smith, Professor of Literature at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

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