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In 1987, Isabelle Bonzom painted an ensemble of 30 paintings on the theme of dolls, depiction of the disturbing coexistence of wildness and innocence in childhood. About this series, the artist says "I just knew I wanted to paint human beings together. At that time, I couldn't afford professional models so I used dolls which also posed longer ... Between what I had, and still have, in mind and the result, there were, and there are, the unconscious and the painting which play an important role and lead me to unexpected paths."


In Isabelle Bonzom's painting, the general and recurring theme of the flesh is a possible metaphor for the painting as the body of the image.

After this crucial series of dolls, "Games of slaughter", painted in 1987, Isabelle Bonzom has expanded her research dedicating many years to painting the iconographic themes of the meat, the smile and the male nude. These series reveal the precariousness and the preciousness of life.

Since, Isabelle Bonzom has painted lots of lush landscapes where lovers, strollers, runners or busy people melt into their environment. The palette's expanded in diverse nuances of vivid colors.

In the meantime, a new series of nudes appeared in 2007, entitled "Confusion". Superimpositions are treated in transparencies that question the viewer: is there one body in motion or several? Is it a dream or a night scene? The viewer projects or makes out a fight or an embrace. In a way, the "Confusion" series revisits the dolls series through the composition and accumulation of bodies.

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