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Claude-François Baudez is a French archaeologist and iconologist, specialized in the Mayas and Precolombian cultures. He is the author of numerous books, among them "Lost cities of the Maya". He was the co-author of "Capture and Sacrifice at Palenque".

Also an art collector, he was a faithful admirer of Isabelle Bonzom's painting. The artist and the archeologist exchanged a lot during their 20 year-old-friendship. As an art historian and iconologist, Claude Baudez wrote on Isabelle Bonzom's painting.





"Isabelle Bonzom finds fertile alliances between what she paints and what she paints on. Encounters that seem fortuitous become loving liaisons in which the surface serves the painting, and vice versa.

In the "Chantiers" ("Building sites") series, tools, bolts, screw nuts, and even buildings, are painted with ink and chalk on flat and rectangular tiles of various sizes. Tiles are such a beautiful material, uneven, brutal and so delicately colored! As a relic, its burnt surface tells something about its past: the heat of the oven, the bites of the weather, the stains sustained during the demolition.

The tools drawn very soberly on the tiles make simple appearances: often in motion and going beyond the borders of the tiles, they simply pass through them, as a bird would fly across the frame of a garret window. Changes of perspective, variations from a close up to a wide angle, nuances between opacity and transparency, all enhance the dynamics of thoses appearances and suggest metamorphoses: little by little, bolts change and become columns or sun eclipses",

Claude Baudez, 1996

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